MRHS '60 Reunion 2010

Friday, September 24th through Sunday, September 26th, 2010.


The much-anticipated 50th reunion of our MRHS Class’60 has taken place and the weekend far surpassed everyone’s expectations. We have all been blown away by the eloquent, emotional follow-up email messages of those who attended .

Thanks to all who travelled from afar—from Norway, all across Canada (from BC to NB) as well as from California and other US cities; it was the commitment by EACH AND EVERY ONE of the attendees that made the weekend so special. From the first arrivals in the Omni Hotel’s hospitality suite at 3:00 pm on Friday afternoon to the final farewells in the same locale on Sunday morning, the atmosphere was electric.

Eighty-two classmates, accompanied by 50 of their partners, enjoyed a fabulous weekend of reconnecting. Name tags with ”Torch” photos and large-print first names (smaller print surnames) were the first step in the recognition process and the 50-year gap melted away. Some had attended previous reunions in 1980 or 1990 but for others, this was a first step back in 50 years. Everyone revelled in the company of those with whom they shared some of the formative years of their lives.

Friday night’s mix-and-mingle at the MAA set the stage; conversation flowed and the smoked-meat proved very popular. For many, the MAA venue itself brought back many memories.

Saturday morning, about 50 people boarded a yellow school bus outside the Omni and toured the halls of our alma mater where another set of memories unfolded.

The highlight of Saturday night’s banquet at the Omni was a series of vignettes on varied aspects of the life at MRHS from ’56 to ’60. Coordinated and co-hosted by Sally (Saddler) Armstrong and Don Marshall, who interjected some of the graduates’ 1960 ”ambitions and probably destinations” between presentations. Evie (Monk) Wallace, donned her high school tunic and school sweater and reminded us what it was like to be a student 50 years ago. Tim Yates composed and sang a song of his memories, followed by Trudy (Flumerfelt) Ross who sang excerpts from some of Doc Jones’ well-remembered musicals. Howard 'Has' Armitage then portrayed some of the sporting events at the school and Linda (Brown) Eggers spoke about trips to Burlington and led six of the school’s former majorettes in a rather uncoordinated routine. Ernie Nadel wrapped up the program with his reminiscences and by reading the late Chuck Dalfen’s valedictory speech.

There was so much conversation that no one listened to the the 50’s music that was playing in the background and no one had time to grace the dance floor.

Many wished for more time together, but perhaps that is a good note to leave on.

Linda (Gick) Armitage and Phil Gooch